I’ve been working on this for awhile, but this is the first announcement on the website.  Because working full-time and earning a Master’s Degree isn’t enough for me (Eye roll… am I crazy person?), I’ve also had another side project going. Coming soon (actual date TBD): an e-book from Traveling with Nina!  (And the crowd went wild.)  I’ve been working on compiling the dozens of blog posts I’ve written on trip-planning into one easy-to-read and easy-to-navigate package for your vacation-planning pleasure.  And yes, it will include “trip-planning documents” like the ones I use!

The book is currently in the second round of editing and will need some more tweaks and formatting, but I really hope to have an e-book ready by the end of the year.  And the exciting part is publishing an e-book means it will be super affordable for anyone to buy off Amazon.  You can get yours for the very low cost of $4.99!  I am also going to have a limited edition (Apparently, I actually think people will read this) of physical copies that I will sell until they’re gone.  The physical copies will be more expensive, but someone might actually prefer that, so I thought, why not?  What do I have to lose except $100s if no one buys them?

As I’ve said before, I do not call myself a travel-expert, because most of the things I learn are from trial and error.  But, I really believe everyone is capable of planning their own dream-trip.   Because of this, I decided I wanted to compile this book as a way for anyone who thought they can’t plan a trip, can’t afford to travel and has has no idea how to navigate travel websites.  To those who said, “I can’t do that”, this book is dedicated to you.  If producing this book helps one person budget for and plan a trip they never thought they would take, I would count this as a huge success!

I have plans for other e-books, if people find this one useful, that I would love to put out: one with packing tips, one for day-trips from Columbus, Ohio, etc.  Those are all my dreams, and who knows if I’ll go through with it, but this is the one I’m the most passionate about so I wanted to start here.  I am passionate about people realizing they can travel all on their own, and I find sharing this to be the most rewarding part of writing about travel.

I never really ask for people to comment on my posts, but this is one these rare occasions where I’m going to ask you to please write me something.  I would really love and appreciate anything you want to say about this new e-book project!  Any thoughts or comments you have about this, I will absolutely read and respond to.  Comment on my Instagram (@travelingwithnina) or send me an email (travelingwithnina@gmail.com) if you don’t want to comment here.  I would love feedback any way it comes!  (Or in person… or by passenger pigeon).

As a teaser, here is the cover and the back description, to “wet your whistle.”  (I actually think that phrase is disgusting, but I’m using it anyways).  I may tweak these a little, but this is just a teaser, so here ya go:

So.. let me hear from you!  What do you think?!

Nina Thomas

Travel lover and writer

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  • Emily August 7, 2017 on 9:30 AM Reply

    I love this project, Nina! I have no idea how you have had the time to write and create an e-book, but I’m happy you did. I can’t wait to read it. You always offer so many helpful tips for traveling, and your adventures are inspiring. Congrats and keep us all updated!

    • Nina Thomas Emily August 7, 2017 on 10:40 AM Reply

      Thank you so much, Emily! I appreciate your support. I find your writing to be helpful, too!

  • Amber August 7, 2017 on 3:53 PM Reply

    I’m really excited about this. I’m glad you’re doing hard copies too bc, old people. Plus, I bet more ppl want a book in hand while traveling anyway. Since I essentially copy everything you post, this is going to be great. We saved a lot of money on our trip to Italy by your suggestion of Rick Steve’s app (plus I hate crowds and being forced to do things at a certain pace so it made getting educated something I’d actually do now). Big fan of having it all organized to save money, space,and have the freedom of independence!

    • Nina Thomas Amber August 7, 2017 on 3:57 PM Reply

      Yay! I’m happy that you find these tips helpful. I actually love hard copies too; I’m an old soul. Book buddies! Thanks for taking time to reply! 💕

  • Michelle Rundbaken August 8, 2017 on 10:07 PM Reply

    Great idea! You might like what Tripidee has to offer for independent planners – it’s a place to gather all your ideas in one place. – I might need to check out your book though to see those checklists – so important.

    • Nina Thomas Michelle Rundbaken August 8, 2017 on 10:13 PM Reply

      I’ve never heard of this! Sounds awesome. Thanks for sharing.

  • Abby Kamagate August 10, 2017 on 6:16 PM Reply

    Will the ebook contain *new* tips/sources/ideas or involve what’s already on the blog?

    Based on the title, I’m completely interested to read & use the planner piece… 20% of the fun is planning & building what the journey looks like!

    • Nina Thomas Abby Kamagate August 10, 2017 on 6:19 PM Reply

      Good question! It def has some new content, but it is mostly an organized compiling of planning a trip from start to finish with posts I’ve already created over the span of two years. So it should make it pretty easy for anyone to plan a trip!

  • Amanda August 22, 2017 on 9:55 AM Reply

    Love this. I love your blog, but there’s something to be said for a good old fashioned book. I love that your work will be even more compiled and accessible. Bravo!

    • Nina Thomas Amanda August 22, 2017 on 11:22 AM Reply

      Thank you! I agree about an old-fashioned book. I have a Kindle and still prefer paper guidebooks for easy access

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