Travel Guides

“I haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on my list.”  I haven’t written a travel guide for every place I’ve been.  Mostly because I just started blogging in 2015.  (So many of my fabulous European and Ecuadorian vacations were never documented here!)  I also try to be thoughtful about what places I write guides for.  I try to share information that I had trouble finding myself .  There are millions of travel destination guides out there, so I try to post ones on places with details that you probably won’t find elsewhere unless you dig hard.  You’ll find some places not written about often in this list, and also some off-the-beaten-path tips for more popular destinations.  Since my home base is Columbus, you’ll see a lot of guides for places near here for day-trips and weekend trips.  I hope these little guides for many awesome places in the US, Ohio, Canada, Caribbean, Mexico and Europe will keep you busy.

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