If you’ve never tried to pack only with a carry-on, then read on.  This article is for you.  This website is filled with articles on how to pack light.  I just went through past posts I’ve written on this subject, and there’s a lot. However, I’ve heard from a few people recently how much these tips have been helpful to them, and I wanted to expand on this.  I thought it’s finally time to post this video I made TWO YEARS ago.  It’s been ready to post for two years, and for some reason, I’ve never uploaded it.  But now, it’s finally up on YouTube.

For people who want more things to read…. this summer, I was interviewed by Packinglight.co about my packing philosophy, along with 50 other travel “experts”.  You can read my “expert” advice here, along with other actual experts.

For all of your auditory and visual learners, hopefully this video will show you some of the things I write about on here a lot.  I post about packing light, packing cubes, clothing combinations, toiletries, shoes, hair appliances, etc.  This video touches on a little bit of everything.  This isn’t a super cool flashy video, but my husband did do a fantastic job of filming and editing!  If you’re looking for super professional, you can definitely find those videos somewhere on YouTube.  However, if you just want to SEE what I’ve been writing about… watch on!

For some of my product recommendations, check out this list here.

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  • Laurie Frithiof August 4, 2017 on 11:11 AM Reply

    Nina, this is great information. I just went on a week trip to Florida and wished I had watched this beforehand. Luckily, our airline did not charge extra for a large suitcase but I know others do. I love to travel and I love that you share your great tips with us in order to make our trips better, whether it be for a day or for weeks. Thank you and please keep blogging!

    • Nina Thomas Laurie Frithiof August 4, 2017 on 12:33 PM Reply

      Thank you so much for taking the time to write this. The reason I started this blog is for the same sentiment you did: I wish I had known! I read a lot of other blogs that give me information that I’m glad someone is sharing! Thanks again!