This post is the 60th post I’ve made since  I started this website in January.  It has been a blast for me to write about different travel-related subjects of my choosing.  I am able to see which of my posts are the most popular by looking through the number of views on each post.  I have a running list of post ideas that I refer to when I post, and that list continues to grow as I travel.  I would love to hear from my readers (and that’s YOU, since you’re reading this) what travel-related topics you’d like to hear most about.  

I’m not touting to be an expert on anything, as I’ve said before I’m just an Ohio girl who likes to travel and loves to share what I learn from my experiences.  I learn from other travelers as well, which is why this is one of my favorite subjects to write about.  There’s always new things to learn and new ideas to consider.  

So what travel-related tips are you most interested in reading about?  Anything that I have not written about that you’d be interested in reading?  More outfit combinations?  More fake trips?  Camping or hiking-specific?  More travel around Ohio?  Obviously, I am always going to offer tips on a variety of travel-related subjects, and I know that not everyone knows what they want to hear, but if you do, I’d like to hear from you.

I have had some comments from people that posting a comment was difficult or impossible, so I changed the settings to allow anyone, regardless if you have an account at all, to comment.  I hope that it works for everyone and I would love to hear from you.  Please comment below on anything you’d like to hear more about!  (And if there’s something you want to hear less of.  But please, be gentle.)

I am also interested in guest writers, so if any of you would like to be a guest writer and have any story pitches for me to consider, please post below or send me an email in the email section on the right hand side of the main webpage.  If you’re looking on the mobile website, you’ll have to go to the main website to see this section.

Thanks to all those who have been faithful readers of my posts.  I’m honored that anyone would find any of my tips helpful or useful in their travels.  I hope I continue to give you more helpful tips in the future!

Nina Thomas

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