Extra, extra!  Read all about it.  I’ve been quoted in a few different news outlets this summer and felt like I should write a post about it.   It’s too bad we don’t have newsies anymore to carry the banner.  I guess I’ll just carry my own banner on here.

In the news

I am currently on an email list where I get asked questions about traveling.  Sometimes authors who I’ve responded to will email me directly about a story they’re working on.  I don’t know everything about travel (duh), but sometimes I throw in my two-cents worth.  I’ve been quoted a few times, but this summer is a poppin’ time for me to be quoted.  So enjoy these articles…

I was quoted in USA Today article about what to do if you are told you can’t sit together on the plane.  We’ve been forced to sit apart, but usually when we simply ask the gate agent to seat us together, they will comply.  In Iceland, we paid for seats together but for some reason, they changed it.  We went up to the desk and they were able to move someone else to another seat and hand them their new boarding pass.  So, they can pretty much do what they want as long as you ask nicely.

I was excited to be interviewed about a topic so near and dear to my heart: travel agents.  The story was about the pros and cons of travel agents.  Obviously since I wrote a book called How to be Your Own Travel Agent, I want to encourage people to avoid asking someone to do something they are perfectly capable of doing on their own.  I was also thrilled that this was the print edition of the Philadelphia Inquirer.  (As a former newspaper journalist, I love being on the other side of seeing my name in print.)

I was also quoted in a Readers Digest article about overrated tourist destinations.  I’ve been to a lot of overrated ones, but I really felt let down by the Palace of Versailles, so that’s the one I talked about.  After doing a poll on Instagram, I found that a lot of people didn’t think Versailles was overrated, and I thought some of the ones on this list weren’t overrated either.  It really just depends on your own personal experience.

Palace of Versailles

Why It’s Overrated: Though it used to be Marie Antoinette’s infamous stomping grounds, travel writer Nina Thomas says it’s no party anymore. “I had imagined seeing this beautiful Hall of Mirrors, but instead was being shuffled through a crowd where we were all basically touching arms and I was being elbowed in the face by people taking pictures,” she explains.

What to Do Instead: If you still want to make the trek, take advantage of the French countryside by spending more money to tour the gardens and Antoinette’s private playground. Thomas says these experiences make for a better afternoon, complete with pretty blooms and views of the exterior palace.

I also would like to thank Sharper Impressions for putting me on their list of the “Top 5 Travel Bloggers from Columbus.”

Blogger Spotlight: Nina Thomas

Nina Thomas became an avid explorer and traveler a few years ago and, ever since then, she has been globetrotting with her husband, Jared. Her blog is very informative, teaching people how to be their own travel agent, planning budget trips, booking packages by themselves and much more. For explorers who love doing everything by themselves, her blog can be an excellent guide!

Our Favorite Post: https://travelingwithnina.com/travel-guide-iceland/

Well, there you have it.  All my quotes this summer.  I am now working on a travel guide for camping near Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore, so stay tuned for that!

Nina Thomas

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