Travel Product Recommendations

I recommend products all the time throughout my blog, but here is a quick way to see the things I think are essential for you to pack light with just a carry-on.  I’ve also added other items you may want, although not necessarily “essential.”  Just click on the picture and it will take you to the product Amazon!

If you want to see some of these products used in action, watch this video of me packing my carry-on.


Carry-On Spinner Lightweight

Carry-On Backpack style

Carry-On hard case style

Packing Cubes (small, medium and large)

Packing Cubes (Two cubes, one shoe bag and one toiletry bag)

Toiletry Bag

Compression Bags (For smashing down bulky items like winter coats, sweaters, etc.)

Reusable GoTubbs and GoToobs (For lotions, shampoos, conditioners, foundation, sunblock, etc.)

Packing Envelopes (Multiple sizes, includes a quart-sized bag which is required for all liquids)

Single quart-sized bag

Additional Items

Blanket scarf (doubles as scarf and a blanket for cold flights)

Electronics Organizer








Foldable Tote/Backpack

Lightweight large Turkish towel (for camping or beach)

Mesh bags (for shoes or other items)

Collapsible water bottles (for using at airport, hiking)

Phone mount (for the rental car)

Inflatable airplane pillow

Passport Wallet

Travel-size hair straightener

Travel-size curling iron

 Face-wipes for long flights, car rides or camping

Lightweight, comfortable sandals for beach, camping, shared-bathrooms (women)

Lightweight, comfortable sandals for beach, camping, shared-bathrooms (Men)