Depending on the trip, I use a variety of websites to book cars, accommodations and sightseeing.  I’ve been using some new ones lately that I thought I would share!  And of course by “new”, I mean “new” for me.  Some of these have been around for ages.


Dubbed “the Airbnb for car rentals”, this site lets you rent vehicles from regular people, instead of using a car rental agency.  This means you may get more affordable prices and more options.  We used this to rent a camper van for our California trip this week.  The van came equipped with everything we needed: cookware, a bed with bedding, foldable chairs and table.  If you have to rent a vehicle, it’s definitely worth checking out what they have on here before deciding on a rental car company.

Atlas Obscura

This website is incredible.  I have found some of the most unique sightseeing opportunities in all sorts of places.  It has some well-known sights, and a ton of off-the-beaten path sights.  I have been just searching on here for things around me, and I’ve been shocked by what is so close to me!  I must warn you to be careful with this website.  It will suck you in.  I’ve spent more time on here than I care to admit.  (It’s so fun, though.)


Since we’re using a camper van in California, I was looking for campgrounds.  I was able to find some unique ones on Hipcamp.  There’s all sorts of options on here, some are actual campgrounds; some are just land people letting people camp on (such as vineyards or forests).  We found a couple that look amazing.  They come with reviews so you know what you’re getting yourself into.

WOW air

Wow, their flights are cheap!  #eyeroll  This budget airline has so many destinations for so cheap.  Looking through their best fares page has me dreaming of Europe.  We booked flights from Toronto, but you can see what the deals are from Boston, New York, Miami, Pittsburgh, D.C., etc. Select an origin and see where you can fly for cheap.  (Just a note, WOW has a website for Canada and USA, so if you’re on the USA site, it will only show you US origins, so you’ll want to check the Canadian one if you want to select Toronto or any of other Canadian city as the origin.)  I found base flights from major US cities to places like Copenhagen, Dublin, Amsterdam and London for $180 RT base.  Add $6 for a seat assignment and $60 for a bag.  But… still cheap!

How about you?  Have any new travel websites you’re digging lately?

Nina Thomas

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  • Maureen February 2, 2018 on 3:39 PM Reply

    Hi Nina-
    Just discovered your website and have to totally agree about Atlas Obscura – I end up spending waaay more time there than I plan!

    • Nina Thomas Maureen February 2, 2018 on 3:41 PM Reply

      I’ve found some amazing places! I’m keeping a list so I can refer back when I have a free weekend.